Besides styling, protecting hair is also a very important process contributing to create a beautiful hair for your appearance. Among many external factors, sun exposure is considered to be one which causes lots negative effects to our hair. Under the sunlight, hair can be dry, fibrous and easily burned. Therefore, regular hair exposure to sunlight is very harmful. It will make your hair care routine more and more difficult. Below, we are going to provide you with some tips to protect hair from sun damage.

  1. Wear a hat when it is sunny

If you have not found out how to effectively protect your hair from sunshine, start by tying your hair neatly and wearing a hat before going out. Especially on extremely sunny days, sun protection for hair need more attention.

One thing you should remember is never going out without a hat when your hair is still wet. Wet hair is very weak. It will increase your risk of sunburn and 2-3 times more hair loss than normal. Hat also makes you feel cooler thanks to the shade it constitutes. Besides, a hat is really essential for you to protect your scalp.

  1. Get oil for your hair

A strong hair is a wonderful thing as it enables you to be more confident in your daily life. If you find out that using hat is not enough, try with oil to protect your hair. Every evening, you should use hair oil to massage oil on your hair and scalp in a very gently way. This oil not only has the effect of letting you to be relaxed, it also plays an important role in alleviating hair loss or hair sunburn due to ultraviolet radiation.

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Some typical oils for you to choose are coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. All of them are useful, which brings you satisfactory with their own benefits.

  1. Use sunscreen for hair

Actually, sunscreen for hair has been produced and sold in many markets. Although it is not as popular as sunscreen for the skin, hair sunscreen is still one of the effective forms that recently, many people have applied to protect their hair.

About the process to use it, you will get hair sunscreen, apply the hair from root to top and then massage gently with comb. However, using a sunscreen for your hair does not mean that you can say: “NO” with hat when you are out.

  1. Try on zinc oxide

What should you do when going out if you do not like to wear hat? One option for you is using zinc oxide. What you need to do is massaging your hair or the scalp that easy to be damaged by a small amount of zinc oxide sunblock cream. This application will help you to protect the most vulnerable areas in your hair.

Those are essential tips for your way to protect hair from sun damage. We hope that with these tips, you can successfully apply to have the best hair for a new appearance.

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