In fact, nowadays, wig users tend to rejuvenate and do not come from the indispensable need. In the past, customers wishing to buy wigs are mostly in the middle-ages and elderly or those with baldness, hair loss or were required to use a wig for treatment. Nowadays, customers use wigs also have a lot of young people despite their hair is quite long.

How to have a beautiful look and more attractive is always the interest of both men and women. With a well-groomed haircut, fashion styling can make you look younger and more stylish. However, changing the hairstyle regularly, such as bending, dyeing or stretching will cause the hair dry, broken and lack of vitality. For those who have a thin hair and want a thicker hair just in a moment or those who with short hair and want to own a long hair in the party, using wigs will be the best choice. Wig is a solution that makes it easy for people to change and create more hairstyles every day without fear of damaging their hair, even short hair, thin hair, or baldness. The reason is because you want to change the hair style and does not want to cut off your real hair.

A vibrant wigs market in Vietnam

At any market place or commercial site you can easily buy yourself a wig with all the colors and styles but the quality of these wigs is not guaranteed.

In the market today, there are two types of wigs: wigs made from synthetic fiber and wigs made from the real hair

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For the first type, it is easily recognizable because the hair is not smooth, easily ruffled and irregularly shiny. This wig is diverse in color, style, and length, also materials are easy to find, easy to produce so the price is also very cheap.

However, the wig which is made with real hair is still preferred. This hair is smooth, not fluffy and has a fairly high price depending on the thickness and the length of the hair.


Many suppliers in Vietnam sold wigs with unclear origin, many types of them are introduced by the seller that it is Vietnamese virgin hair but in fact, the hair is mixed with a lot of poor quality Chinese hair. However, when you come with APO hair, you will be sure get the best quality Vietnamese wig with resonable price.

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