Any hairstyles for the wedding hair with the use of hair extensions can be different within the style, length, and other parameters. It all depends on how complicated it is and what is needed to recreate the desired look. The only thing they have in common is the beauty. The bride must look breathtaking, and the hair is the emphasis always attracting the strong attention.


Retro style is getting popular within all areas of our life. Retro style hairstyles are always unique, frequently luxurious, perfectly fit for a wedding dress.

Similar to this type of hairstyle is when hairpins or flowers are fixed behind the bang while the bang and the rest of the hair on the temples are slightly curled, almost wavy.

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If you have clip-in hair extensions, it is possible to leave the tail from the shell and curl it as light waves. To create a romantic bridal look, you should have the locks close to your face. The hairstyle makes the neck longer, thinner, which makes the silhouette slimmer.


Curls are extremely popular and they are always there when recreating 90% of wedding hairstyles. Curls are styled differently and subject to designing a huge number of hairstyles, both classic and asymmetric looks using classic and original partings.

To get beautiful curls, the strands are usually waved onto large curlers. The perfect complement to them will be braids, ribbons, hairpins or flowers.


The classic hairstyle always remains trending, so if you like high hairstyles, don’t opt out from them on your wedding day. Open shoulders, beautiful décolleté, high hairstyle using clip-in hair extensions – and you are the Queen of the day. The hairstyle should look natural, so do not overdo with teasing your hair and a large amount of spray.

Having the curls that are highlighting the girl’s face with gentle waves, give her a special, elegant and romantic look. They are suitable for all women and look great in combination with any wedding dress.

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Luxurious bundle using clip-in extensions is a very elegant wedding choice, perfectly combined with veil and beautiful flowers. The hair is picked up from the face and shoulders, securely attached to the back of the head with the help of pins, clips, silicone rubber, and other accessories. Such hairstyle will nicely emphasize your shoulders, neck and decollate zone.

When using clip in hair extensions, a smooth bundle becomes voluminous and beautiful. You can decorate a bundle with a braid, it will look even more gorgeous. It may be neat, tightly assembled, or be careless and free. The low bundle gathered on the crown side or laid in the style of a flower is also popular.


The Greek goddess hairstyle along with the hair extensions will go perfect with high waist dress and long train, the look is more similar to the Greek goddess. There are a lot of hairstyles that will highlight the following:

  • Braids of different kinds gathered at the bottom section of your head;
  • The loose and curled hairstyle made with braids;
  • The hair tied with a ribbon or artificial flowers;
  • A high-located bundle with beautifully flowing curls or waves.

Many Greek inspired hairstyles with curls and braids are designed along with clip-in hair extensions. They are interwoven with bizarre patterns, fit into beautiful images on the back of your head. The braids can be tight or loose, they are fixed with beautiful hairpins, both visible and invisible. All this can be supplemented by decorating with a diadem or flowers. Such hairstyle will look ideal if matched with the right hair extensions. The more volume you have, the more diverse braiding style you can get.




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